Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette and Walking on Eggshells Trio Review

When it comes to how my makeup looks I prefer a clean and classic style. I’m not really into bold colors (although I am branching out with my lipsticks, huge review on that later) but as far as eyeshadow goes I prefer neutral colors. I have found my holy grail brand for eyeshadows, Wet N Wild. I have the Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells  and the Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Comfort Zone. All Wet N Wild products are cruelty free.


The eyeshadow trio Walking on Eggshells is three gorgeous neutral colors. You get a light cream, brown and a peachy pink color. They do have a small amount of shimmer but not much, just enough to not be matte. I love wearing these when I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into my eye makeup or I want a very natural look. The brown and peachy pink are very pigmented. The cream is pigmented as well but it tends to blend in with my skin color and not be very noticeable. I do have some fall out with these but it’s not bad and they last all day for me. I do wear an e.l.f. eyeshadow primer under all my shadows. The trio eyeshadows are $3.00.


The eyeshadow collection Comfort Zone has eight colors. Out of the eight I use five on a regular basis. These colors are amazing. You get a cream, golden orange, brown, dark reddish brown, dark tan, yellow green, black with gold and a blue brown. Every one of them, except for the lightest cream, are crazy pigmented. The cream blends in with my skin color and isn’t as noticeable. The only colors I don’t use often is the green because it fades to an ugly yellow color (in my opinion), the black and the darkest brown simply because I don’t use very dark colors often. These all have shimmer. These last all day on me, but I do wear an eyeshadow primer. This collection is $5.00.

I have been so impressed with these shadows and you can not beat those prices. The eyeshadow trios and the eyeshadow collections have quite a few different color sets to choose from. These are just the neutrals that I like. I linked to the Wet N Wild site above and there you can see all the colors available. I plan to try one of the Wet N Wild matte collections next. If you’re looking for budget friendly, cruelty free and beautiful eyeshadows you have to try these! I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed reading. Have a great day!


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