Wet N Wild Petal Pusher Eyeshadow Review


Just a few days ago I reviewed the Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in the  Comfort Zone colors. It’s one of my favorites so I decided to go buy the more spring colored collection called Petal Pusher. As you can see, it has really pretty purples and pinks. Sadly,  I was very disappointed.

While the Comfort Zone collection is very creamy and pigmented this one is more dry, crumbly and sheer. So far the only colors I really like are the two purples on the bottom left and the pink color on the top right. I’m sure with enough eyeshadow primer and building these up I can make it work and probably get some very nice spring eye looks. I was just expecting a little more quality because of how good Comfort Zone is.

DSC00088.JPGThese are the colors on the left. Very pretty purples but just so much fall out when you put them on!

DSC00089.JPGThese are the colors on the right. This picture doesn’t do justice to the pink color on the far left. It is so glittery and pigmented, it just blends with the skin on my arm. The rest are not that great and once again, so much fall out!

I think this is worth the $5.00 if you want some nice purple eyeshadows that are cruelty free but I wouldn’t buy this expecting something spectacular. I’m not sure why the formula for this seems so much different from the Comfort Zone one. Anyways though, I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

*Edit: The SECOND time I used this pallet the light purple color that is second from the top on the left crumbled into pieces. I was not applying that much pressure, that’s just how dry some of these are. 


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