Book Review of “The Wives of King David” Trilogy by Jill Eileen Smith


As I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews my favorite genre is historical fiction so I knew I would probably love these books before I even read them. This a trilogy called the Wives of King David: book one is Michal, book two is Abigail and book three is Bathsheba. These books are Christian fiction based around the life of King David and his many wives in the Old Testament of the Bible. I am a Christian so I believe that these books are based around people who actually lived and events that really happened. However, if you are not a Christian I still believe that you could enjoy these books, especially if you like historical fiction or learning about different religions.

I decided to review all three books together instead of one at a time because I wanted to just give a general overview of the entire story. I do not give spoilers. These books are better read in chronological order but can be read out of order and still make sense. I actually started with Bathsheba and then went back and read the rest. From a Christian point of view these stories add so much depth to the life of King David. They use real scripture from the Bible and each story is based around that. These stories do not take anything away from what happened in the Bible and the author, Jill Smith, makes sure to state at the end of each book that she does not intend to add to the Bible, that this is just her idea of what might have happened. Each of these books are beautifully written and I wouldn’t say any of them are dull. My favorite is Bathsheba for really no reason other than it’s the most entertaining to me.

These books are definitely three of my favorites. I have re-read the trilogy multiple times and like I said I don’t believe you have to be a Christian to enjoy these. If you enjoy Christian fiction, historical fiction or just like learning about different religions give these a try. Thank you for reading and have a great day!



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