Wet n Wild Poster Child Eyeshadow Review


Never would I have thought that I would buy an eyeshadow set like this. This brightly colored beauty is the Poster Child Eyeshadow Collection from Wet n Wild. It is regularly priced at $5.00 but I found it on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.50. I knew I wouldn’t use this enough for it to even be worth $5.00, but for $2.50 I can make it work. I have bought and reviewed the Comfort Zone and the Petal Pusher eyeshadow collections that are in the same grouping as this one on the website. I now have all three of the eight shadow sets that Wet n Wild offers. Surprisingly enough this one is my second favorite, with Comfort Zone being my most favorite.

I was very surprised by these eyeshadows. As far as their formula they are creamy, very pigmented and have little fall out. They look matte but have more of a satin finish and the yellow has a beautiful shimmer to it. Honestly, the three pink/salmon colors on the left are very wearable and I even think the yellow and darkest blue are everyday wearable. They’re pigmented but not so much that you can’t blend them out to where they’re not a bright, deep color. This little set would be perfect to add pops of color wherever you want on the eye.

These are such pretty and fun colors. I’m loving the yellow and turquoise.

I’m so happy I took a chance and bought this. I mean, no, I probably won’t be reaching for this every day but it’s something different and fun every once in awhile. If you want to experiment with some brighter colors, go check these out. If you enjoyed this please leave me a like or a comment and follow me! Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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