Let’s Talk About Emma Blackery

I’m aware that the title for this is kind of odd. If you clicked on this post odds are you either A.) know who Emma Blackery is or B.) you’re curious who it is I would want to talk about. I’m wanting to start a new series of posts where I talk about Youtubers, writers, actors/actresses that inspire me or that I think are genuinely unique, creative, kind, etc. I decided to start this off with British Youtuber, Emma Blackery.

Like I said above Emma is a British Youtuber. She has two channels; her main channel simply called emmablackery and a secondary channel called Vloggery. Between them both she’s almost at two million subscribers, so no small Youtuber. I would say what she is mostly known for is comedy sketches but she’s also an extremely talented singer and musician. I love most of her music but my two favorite songs are “Don’t Come Home” and “Instead”, two of her slower songs. I chose to write about Emma first because she is the Youtuber I’ve watched the longest and the one I’ve always enjoyed. She’s smart, talented and hasn’t built her channel on drama, but instead built it through genuine talent.

If you haven’t watched Emma before go check out her channel. I watch a lot of different channels and she’s definitely one of the best. I’m always looking for new books, movies, television series and Youtube channels so please leave me your suggestions! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

*I feel this is common sense, but I do not own and did not take the pictures. They were found in random places online.


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